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Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer Mike Harwood, resides on the West Coast of Cornwall in the UK, creates blends of smooth funk and chill-out grooves, atoms of acid/electronica jazz and showers of soul which sow warmth and bliss into the modal harmonies on his songs.

More videos can be found on my You Tube channel

Warm Funk

Mike Harwood started in the music business as a Decca Records artist on the Deram label produced by Nick Tauber. Music style is described as “warm funk for a cold day” which combines elements of fusion, indie/alternative rock, smooth funk, rhythm and blues, soul, blues and acid jazz.









Play from the heart

I believe music inspires the soul, played from the heart and something I have always tried to achieve in my songs and instrumental grooves. Music found on the website is a collection of collaborations with vocalists and musicians covering a wide range of styles for radio, tv and film soundtrack use, I hope you enjoy the tunes.

Contact +44 7765 038431